This November enjoy these two unmissable events happening just moments from our Southport Broadwater accommodation!

Gather friends and family this November 5 and head to Wongawallan for a unique event commemorating Guy Fawkes Night, the explosive tradition of fireworks in Great Britain. The historic annual event originates from the famous Gunpowder Plot in 1602, where Guy Fawkes was discovered guarding over 30 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords, in a foiled attempt to kill the then King of England. Each year the British pay homage to this piece of history with bonfires and lots of fireworks! This November 5 you can be part of Guy Fawkes Night too on the Gold Coast, where an entertaining reenactment of the Gunpowder Plot as well as a huge fireworks display will take place in Wongawallan. Come dressed up in your best 16th Century getup and enjoy an exclusive dining menu. It’s the perfect night out for couples and families this November!

Catch the last few dates of the Gold Coast Spring Carnival this November, offering an exciting day at the races for you and your friends or family. Up until November 11 this year, you can enjoy getting pampered, dressing your best, and popping champagne over a day of thrilling horse racing. It’s the perfect event to attend with friends and family this Spring, where a nice group treat awaits at the Pop-up Parlour! The event will be scattered with gourmet food stations with plenty to to try, as well as lots of places to grab refreshments and drinks. Book in advance and avail of an exclusive fine dining menu and function venue! Catch the Gold Coast Spring Carnival at the Racecourse Drive in Bundall before November 11.

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